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Let's start practicing foreign languages by chatting! To find a language learning partner, join here and create a profile. Then go one of the group chat rooms or contact the member. Start chatting now!

About e-kaiwa.net

Free registration

You can use free all services of the e-kaiwa.net, if you register your name and e-mail, learning language.


There are 1 on 1 and group chat. The 1 on 1 chat is private chat with online members, group chat is multiplayer chat at choice any rooms. And you can build a favorite chatroom, invite the other members.

Become friends

Request friends, if you find favorite members or befriend.

Update a recent status to Timeline

There are member's recent status and a message on Timeline. Please check member's updating profile or invitation to chatroom.

Participate in group, or make your group

You can make a group of hobby or languages, or paticipate them.

Register to a teacher list. Reserve a lesson

You can do a lesson, or take the other lesson.